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As your community shipping store, Fairhaven Post And Parcel is here to make all of your Packing, Shipping, Copying and Printing needs easy and convenient.

Fast. Easy. Convenient. Pack Ship Copy and Print

As Your Community Shipping Store, We stand in line at the Post Office, Compare prices between shippers and Expertly pack the most Fragile Valuables… All so you don’t have to.

Established in 1991.

Mailbox Rentals, Package Receiving, Shipping and Mailing Services, Custom Packing, Copy and Print Services. Fairhaven Post And Parcel has been providing package and mail services to the Fairhaven community since 1991.

Fairhaven Post And Parcel

(South Bellingham)

Contact Info:
1050 Larrabee Ave Ste 104 Bellingham WA 98225

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Monday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Carrier Pickup Times

Ground: 4:00pmGround: 4:00pm
Air: 4:30pmExpress: 4:30pm
Pickup: 3:00pmInternational: 2:00pm
Ground: 4:00pm
Air: 4:30pm
Ground: 4:00om
Express: 4:30pm
Pickup: 3:00pm
International: 2:00pm

Check Out What Our Customers Have to Say

Chris Wells
Chris Wells
192 reviews
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A great friendly place for postal and shipping needs. People complain about paying higher rates but they need to make a profit for the convenience.

Response from the owner I personally like to think of us as being cheaper than the Post Office for those that value their time. 😉 Thank you for the review and your understanding.
15 reviews
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Everyone at Fairhaven Post & Parcel is always very welcoming, helpful, reliable, and friendly. They provide excellent and caring service to us every time. Thank you!!!!
2 reviews
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Always prompt, curteous, efficient and amicable. Shop is always spotless, well appointed and arranged. Very proud that FP&P is a neighbor, great work and effort!
Gretchen Walla
Gretchen Walla
5 reviews
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My go-to place shipping/mailing for both business and personal items. Excellent customer service and are thorough with making sure things are done well and right. I can't imagine getting a follow-up email from the post office to double check if I wanted a printed receipt after a large order (I received an email receipt with tracking #s, costs, etc).
Rick Hann
Rick Hann7 reviews
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Fairhaven Post & Parcel is my go-to place for all my postal needs. As an author, I regularly ship books, and their service is always fast, friendly and most of all accurate. They also value customer safety with strict adherence to COVID protocols - I would definitely recommend Fairhaven Post & Parcel!
Lisa rodgers-potter
Lisa rodgers-potter
3 reviews
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I love this business! They always go the extra mile to give great service and get your parcels anywhere in the world & in a timely fashion! I am a very happy customer and will always come back! Thank you for your great and friendly service!
Do you Take Amazon Returns?

Yes. Please see our blog post on the Amazon Returns Best no Printer Option to generate and email your return label to us. We can not accept the Amazon QR Code returns at this time but… if you have already generated one, check out our article on How to Change Your Amazon Returns Best Method.

Do You Take Recycled Packaging Materials?

Yes! Gladly. We will take packing peanuts for reuse and will gladly recycle your cardboard boxes and other packing materials for you. Please make sure all packing is clear of any debris. While we want to help out we can’t eveyone’s garbage either.

Can You Help Me With My Lost USPS | UPS | FedEx Package?

If you shipped the package with us will will do everything possible to track your package down. We not only work closely with the Post Office and carriers but also have access to resources that a typical retail customer would not.


If you shipped the package on your own account or with another store. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that we can do to help. In most cases the carriers will only work with the account holder the package was shipped with. This is for security reasons as the carriers don’t want people who shouldn’t to have access to their customers accounts. In these cases we can provide you with the carriers contact information.


UPS – UPS Claims Support Page


FedEx – FedEx Claims Support Page


USPS – USPS Claims Support Page


DHL – DHL Claims Support Page

Do You Have Packing Materials?

Yes. We have pretty much everything to pack anything in stock. Those items we don’t have in stock we can get. Check out our Boxes for Sale Online and other Packing Materials for sale on our website and we can ship items to you or have them ready for pickup when you arrive at the shipping store.

Do You Have "Office Type" Services?

Absolutely. We offer a full assortment of copying, faxing, printing, laminating and office supplies including paper, pens, paperclips and more! 

Do You Offer Notary Services

Yes, but… we currently only have one notary on staff so while we are currently waiting on Washington State to return notary paperwork its a good idea to call and make an appointment to make sure our notary is on site. Phone number is 360-647-8556

Do I Need an Appointment to Open a Mailbox?

No appointment is required. That said there are better times of the day to come in. Filling out the paperwork takes about 10-15 minutes so we reallllllly appreciate it when customers don’t come in during the lunch rush from 11-3 to open a mailbox. Also, all of the paperwork and forms you need can be found on our Mailbox Rental page. To help speed the process along for you and for us pre-filled forms and having the right paperwork hand can cut the time in half.


From I-5 VIA Fairhaven Parkway

– Continue down Fairhaven Pkwy to 12th St.
– Turn right on 12th St. and Continue 1 block to Larrabee Ave.
– Turn left on Larrabee Ave and Continue for 1 block to Larrabee Square.
– Fairhaven Post And Parcel is on the Left in Larrabee Square.

From Chuckanut Drive

– Head north from Lake Samish or Larrabee State Park.
– At the stop light, bare right onto 12th St and continue across Padden Creek bridge.
– Continue through the light and turn left at Larrabee Ave.
– Drive one block. Fairhaven Post And Parcel is on the Left in Larrabee Square.

From Downtown Bellingham and Boulevard Park

– Head south on State Street and continue on to 11th St.
– Continue on 11th until the corner with Haggens and Pizzazza. Turn Right.
– Drive one block. Fairhaven Post And Parcel is on the Left in Larrabee Square.

From Western Washington University, WWU Student Parking Building

– From the corner of 21st St and Bill McDonald Pkwy. Head South.
– Continue on to the Stop sign and turn right on to Harris Ave at JJ In and Out.
– Drive nine blocks into Downtown Fairhaven. Turn left at 11th St by Rocket Doughnuts and Fat Pie.
– Continue on two blocks. Fairhaven Post And Parcel is directly in front of you in Larrabee Square.

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