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Digital Online Mailbox

Checking your mail from School      Home       Work         Vacation   Anywhere just got Easy

Access to sort, forward and interact with your traditional mail with one simple app. Best of all, never change your address, regardless of where you live. 

Join 1,000+ Bellingham residents who have taken their snail mail online!

Why Use a Digital Mailbox?

Real Address. Simple. Secure. Flexible.

A Real Address

Make us Your

New Home Address

We scan, log, forward and securely store your mail and packages until you want them. Use us as your new home address. Instead of walking out to check the mail, just open your app or login online to view, open, shred or forward your mail.


Signup and Notarize a Couple of Forms Online to Begin

Signup only takes a few minutes. To complete the documentation two forms of ID are required, one of which has to be picture ID and a quick appointment with an online or in person notary is all you need to start your own private online virtual mailbox.


Mail and Packages don't sit in an unsecured box or on your porch.

Your mail and packages are always handed directly to a certified and expertly trained packaging and mail shipping specialist, logged and safely stored out of the reach of identity thieves and porch pirates where only you have access to securely log in to your online account and sort, forward and come in and pick up your mail and packages.


Access your mail Anytime, Anywhere from Any Device

Access to your mail 24/7. No more driving to your PO Box or waiting until you return from your trip. Our secure cloud-based platform enables you to view and manage your mail anywhere in the world. From PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smart phone to tablet, connect how You want to. Request mail and packages be forwarded pretty much anywhere in the world from the palm of your hand.

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Pick a Service Plan

Choose from one of our low cost service plans.

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Submit Documents and ID

Fill out documentation online, notarize and submit the documents all online. Or, stop in at the store and sign documents in person, which ever is most convenient.

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Start Receiving Mail

Receive your unique mailing address and start receiving mail and packages. Download the app or check on your mail and packages online.

Check out Our Reviews...

Gretchen Walla
5 reviews
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My go-to place shipping/mailing for both business and personal items. Excellent customer service and are thorough with making sure things are done well and right. I can't imagine getting a follow-up email from the post office to double check if I wanted a printed receipt after a large order (I received an email receipt with tracking #s, costs, etc).
3 reviews
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Always prompt, curteous, efficient and amicable. Shop is always spotless, well appointed and arranged. Very proud that FP&P is a neighbor, great work and effort!
Rick Hann
8 reviews
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Fairhaven Post & Parcel is my go-to place for all my postal needs. As an author, I regularly ship books, and their service is always fast, friendly and most of all accurate. They also value customer safety with strict adherence to COVID protocols - I would definitely recommend Fairhaven Post & Parcel!
14 reviews
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Everyone at Fairhaven Post & Parcel is always very welcoming, helpful, reliable, and friendly. They provide excellent and caring service to us every time. Thank you!!!!

Digital Online Mailbox

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